Silpat vs. Parchment Paper

Customers often ask us, “Why use Silpat® instead of parchment paper?”
These top benefits earned Silpat® its superior reputation:


Parchment Paper

Silpat® is reusable, long lasting, and durable.

Parchment paper is single-use only, flimsy and unreliable.

Silpat® is more economical and budget-friendly.

Parchment paper is a wallet-buster, replenishing rolls costs money and time.

Silpat® is environmentally safe (no waste, no trash).

Unfriendly to the environment, single-use parchment is tossed in the trash after each use.

With Silpat® there is no need for butter/fat/grease/etc.

Parchment and pans can require extra grease (and extra calories!).

Silpat® saves time: measuring and cutting new sheets each time NOT required.

Extra steps: parchment requires measuring and cutting flimsy sheets that often tear, rendering them unusable.

Silpat® is easy to clean, clean with a few swipes.

Parchment can’t be cleaned or reused. And pans require scraping.

Silpat® lengthens and protects the lifetime of your kitchen equipment.

Parchment and pans get dirty/destroyed from constant use.

Silpat® is effortless to use (finished products slide right off).

Parchment can burn and require scraping.

Silpat® ensures a better bake. A consistent bake throughout your product every time ensures crisp, perfectly finished products.

With parchment and pans, bake times and thoroughness can fluctuate, resulting in a second-rate product.

Silpat® is made of high quality food-safe silicone and fiberglass construction, NSF & FDA certified.

Parchment and pan construction varies and is not always certified.

Silpat® lays flat and sturdy for your products.

Parchment comes off a roll and never lays flat.