History Sasa Demarle, Inc (USA)

Sasa Demarle, Inc. (USA)

Sasa Demarle, Inc. was established in the United States in 1993 in order to introduce the world renowned non-stick baking product lines of two French manufacturers - SASA and DEMARLE - to the North American marketplace. Bringing these industry leading products and equipment together under one roof has enabled us to successfully meet the needs of industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada, providing a single point of contact that is easy and convenient to work with.

For the past 20 years we have remained committed to upholding the high core values of our French parent companies and customer service excellence. Our continued growth has led to Sasa Demarle, Inc. being recognized throughout North America as the industry leader in non-stick baking products and equipment. The rich history and extensive experience of our parent companies and partners speaks for itself …

DEMARLE (France)

DEMARLE was founded in Northern France in 1965 by M. Guy Demarle. Mr. Demarle was an experienced baker who was seeking a better way to make baguette bread with forms using non-stick silicone coatings. He went on to invent the first non-stick baguette baking trays (or filets, as they are known in France). A few years later, Mr. Demarle also went on to invent and create the original Silpat® pastry liner and preformed Silform® mat. In 1985 DEMARLE introduced the revolutionary product known as Flexipan® - a unique line of flexible molds made from fiberglass covered with food silicone. From its inception DEMARLE has established itself as an innovator of unique products for the professional baking, patisserie, and food service industries.

History Demarle (France)

History Sasa (France)

SASA (France)

For more than 35 years the French company SASA has been recognized as the world leader in baking equipment and trays for bakery and confection professionals. SASA manufactures aluminum and stainless steel rigid baking equipment, as well as semi-rigid fiberglass equipment with non-stick silicone or fluorinated polymer coating. SASA has been committed to improving its mastery of the metallurgical technologies associated with assembly and forming, manufacturing processes and the application of non-stick coatings in order to provide solutions for baking, proofing, storing and washing.

Sasa Industrie (France)

In the year 2000 DEMARLE merged with SASA and together they became known internationally as Sasa Industry Group. Since that time they have continued expanding globally. In addition to the two factories in France the Group has 2 refurbishment and service centers, 7 sales offices, and more than 80 specialized distributors worldwide. Their comprehensive Quality Control and Research & Development departments work together to improve existing processes and products while continually innovating new products, concepts and solutions. The Group is also committed to maintaining environmentally friendly standards of practice.

Sasa Industry