Chocolate Covered Gooseberries

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Recipe from Chef Gabriele Riva

Components: Fresh Gooseberries • Fondant Icing Sugar • Tempered Dark Chocolate




Fresh Gooseberries
Fondant Icing Sugar
Dark Chocolate in pellets
Dark chocolate in a block

3 cups
2 cups
3 cups
1 piece

  1. Open the gooseberries by unfolding the husk covering upward. You will use the husk to hold them and it is also visually appealing.
  2. Warm the fondant sugar to 140ºF-150ºF (60º to 65ºC)
  3. Dip the gooseberries in the fondant, shake excess fondant off and place them onto a Silpat® to dry.
  4. Once the fondant feels dry to the touch, dip them in tempered chocolate and place them on another Silpat® to crystallize.

    Keep chocolate covered gooseberries in a cool dry place to store.
Notes on Tempering the Chocolate at Home:
  1. The first step is to melt the dark chocolate in a clean, dry bowl set over simmering water, to about 115º-120º F (46º-49ºC.)
  2. Remove from heat and drop a good-sized chunk of solid (and tempered) chocolate in, which provides insurance by ‘seeding’ the melted chocolate with good beta crystals. While cooling, stir frequently. Motion equals good crystallization, aka, tempering. Cool to the low 80ºs F (27ºC.)
  3. The last step is the most important: It’s bringing the chocolate up to the perfect temperature, where it’s chock-full of those great beta crystals. This occurs in most dark chocolates between 88° and 91° F (31º-32ºC.) Please note that chocolates can vary, so check with manufacturer packaging info if unsure about your particular chocolate
  4. Remove what’s left of the chunk of ‘seed’ chocolate, and your chocolate is dip-worthy: you can dip all the chocolates you want and all will be perfectly tempered. Don’t let it get above 91° F (32ºC) or you’ll have to begin the process all over again. If it drops below the temperatures, rewarm it gently to slowly bring it back to the correct temperature.

Chocolate Covered Gooseberries

Chocolate Covered Gooseberries

Tools & Equipment

  • Silpat®
  • Half sheet baking tray (13"x18")
  • Kitchen thermometer
  • Small pot (fondant icing sugar)
  • Small pot (bain-marie)
  • Metal or glass bowl (bain-marie)
  • Measuring cups

moderate difficulty

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