Used in artisan and semi-industrial processes, Tradisole® Baking trays allow you to bake crusty baguettes in a rotary or convection oven and achieve the hearth-baked effect of traditional baguette baking. This solutions saves time and energy by maintaining the temperature needed to bake one batch after another. The Tradisole also provides the proper grigne, color and thickness needed for the perfect traditional baguette.
  • Aluminum sheet metal with channels.
  • Coated in our exclusive iNFiNiUM® 301 non-stick coating
  • Thickness of the sheet metal: 1 mm.
  • Channels with flat bottoms not perforated, top perforated, 1.8mm perforations.
  • Crimped sheet metal on an aluminum frame
  • 400x600 - 4 or 5 channels
  • 400x800 - 4 channels
  • 600x800 - 5, 7 or 9 channels