Sasa Demarle Silpain


Silpain® Bread and Pastry Liners


Made in France

Sasa Demarle Silpain




The Silpain® mat is a flexible, non-stick, easy-to-use liner that has a perforated texture covered with food grade silicone. It is ideal for freezing and for baking bread of all shapes and sizes, which are not required to be calibrated, as well as for the partial baking of tarts. The mat must be used flat and placed on a tray (we recommend a perforated tray as this provides better heat circulation). The mat is easily cleaned using a soft sponge under running water.




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Sil-Eco® Bread and Pastry Liner

REF: E-96126-BM

Silpain® - French Full Size

REF: SN 585 385 05

Silpain® - US Full Size

REF: SN 620 420 01

Silpain® - US Half Size

REF: SN 415 290 02