Recipe Books - Secrets Gourmands

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This looks like a book but it is actually an easel (which makes it easy to use in laboratories)!

We are proud to present our latest publication: “Secrets Gourmands.” It was prepared by 4 chefs: Thierry Mastain, teacher at the Orchies Catering College, France; Pascal Tepper, Best French Craftsman in Bakery in 2000; Frédéric Bourse, Technical Advisor in Italy; and Marianne Dufour, technical consultant at Demarle. They put all of their expertise and talent into the preparation of the recipes contained in this book, with each recipe seemingly getting more creative than the last! Cuisine, Pastry, Bakery, Catering are all discussed in different shapes, colors, and textures. Discover the chefs’ secrets and enjoy delicious gourmet creations!

Editions Demarle •  160 pages