Recipe Books - The Sasa Demarle DVD, A Learning Tool

REF: DOC 8899 00

Training on DEMARLE products at your disposal!

Flexipan®, Silform®, and 3D Mats will keep no secrets from you as you watch this DVD. Discover some of the endless possibilities for using these products and learn how to use them well. You will also learn useful tricks and tips that will make a significant impact on your shop window displays.

The DVD is divided into three parts. The first part will show you, in pictures, our whole range of products. For the other two parts, we asked two-time “Best Craftsman in France”, Stéphane Glacier (MOF 2000); Pastry Chef and Baker Pascal Tepper (MOF 2000); and our technical consultant Marianne Dufour, to present some of their unique techniques.

More than a simple tool, this DVD is a real source of inspiration!