Sasa Silform Tartlets

Our line of Silform® Tartlets molds helps to simplify the production tartlet bases (both fully and partially baked). Silform® Tartlets eliminates the need to prick or line the dough, and you will not need to garnish with dry beans either.  Silform's perforated texture allows perfect and uniform heat diffusion for superior quality baking, resulting in a perfectly crusty pastry!

Silform® - Big Tartlets

Silform® - Big Tartlets 13” x 18”

Silform® - Mince Pies

Silform® - Mince Pies 13” x 18”

Silform® - Mini-Charlottes

Silform® - Mini-Charlottes 13” x 18”

Silform® - Mini-Fluted Tartlets

Silform® - Mini-Fluted Tartlets 13” x 18”

Silform® - Mini-Oval Tartlets

Silform® - Mini-Oval Tartlets 13” x 18”

Silform® - Mini-Squares

Silform® - Mini-Squares 13” x 18”