Sasa Demarle Flexible Molds

Flexible Molds

For more than 20 years the superior quality of Flexipan® molds has been recognized by professionals around the world.  

We have developed a unique combination of glass fabric and food grade silicone that sets the Flexipan® line apart from the competition. Our proprietary technology is easy to use since it is exceptionally non-sticky, and therefore quick to demold. Flexipan® molds are available in more than 200 different shapes and a variety of sizes, both for individual cakes as well as for decorations. 


Flexipan® Inspiration - Shamrock

Flexipan® Inspiration - Twist

Flexipan® Inspiration - Waffles

Flexipan® Origine - 2 Rings Decor and Insert

Flexipan® Origine - 3 Ring Molds Ø 7.87”-...

Flexipan® Origine - 3 Ring Molds Ø 8.68”-...

Flexipan® Origine - 3D Star

Flexipan® Origine - Assorted Savarins

Flexipan® Origine - Bar

Flexipan® Origine - Bar

Flexipan® Origine - Bars

Flexipan® Origine - Bars 13” x 18”