Flexipan AIR Choux Pastry

Several Flexipan® Air shapes have been especially developed for choux pastry. Our round and elongated shapes make piping and calibrating choux pastries much easier than ever before. The naturally flexible texture of these pastries is a perfect fit for our Flexipan® Air shapes. It does not need to be glazed or scratched. When baking choux pastry, we recommend the use of a deck oven for optimal performance. When removed from the oven, your finished product will be perfectly even and smooth on top. 

Silform® - Baby Choux

Silform® - Big Choux

Silform® - Chouquettes

Silform® - Eclairs for Left-Handed

Silform® - Eclairs for Right-Handed

Silform® - Mini-Éclairs

Silform® - Mini-Éclairs 13” x 18”

Silform® - Oval Shapes

Silform® - Oval Shapes 13” x 18”

Silform® - Paris-Brest

Silform® - Paris-Brest 13” x 18”