Sasa Demarle 3D Designs for Desserts

Our wide variety of 3D Pastry Mats enable you to add a whole new dimension of design to your dessert creations. You can easily create patterns in strips for use with desserts set in rings. Desserts set in frames can be assembled upside down (using a frame) to produce a unique decorative pattern on top. You can finish off your masterpiece creation by using the 3D Mats to create sugar or chocolate decorations.

3D Mats - Dome

3D Mats - Labyrinth 16" x 24"

3D Mats - Bubbles

3D Mats - Large Greek Frieze

3D Mats - Small Greek Frieze

3D Mats - Straight Flutes

3D Discs - Snowflake

3D Discs - Yin & Yang

3D Discs - Spiral

3D Mats - Variation

3D Mats - ©Halloween

3D Mats - ©Rising Sun

3D Mats - Venetian Cane 3D Mat

Mat - 3D Christmas Log Design

3D Mats - Labyrinth GN 1/1

3D Discs - Rosette

3D Mat - Christmas Log Design