Sasa Demarle Silpat F.A.Q.


What is the difference between SILPAT®, SILPAIN® and Roul’Pat®?

SILPAT® is a non-stick baking mat for pastries. SILPAIN® is a non-stick baking mat for bread and the Roul’Pat® is a non-stick countertop workstation.

Can you really bake on these?

Yes. Professional pastry chefs throughout the world have been using our products to bake since the 1960’s. Oven temperature varies depending on the product and recipe you are using, but our products can be used in temperatures up to 480°F. You can even use SILPAT® for frozen recipes.

Are your products safe to bake with?

Yes. Our products conform to FDA regulations and are NSF® and Kosher certified. SILPAT® has stood the test of time with use by the most demanding chefs in the world.

I tried using the SILPAT® and it didn’t heat up my cookies just right?

You may have been baking with a SILPAT® on top of an insulated cookie sheet. A SILPAT® mat provides a certain insulation factor due to the nature of silicone technology. Therefore, you do not need to use insulated or air type baking cookie sheets with a SILPAT® mat. Try using a non-insulated perforated cookie sheet or pan with a SILPAT® on top for optimum baking results.

Why do my cookies flatten out so much when I bake with SILPAT®?

Because SILPAT® is so non-stick, the cookie dough slides effortlessly and without resistance during the baking process. This tends to produce flatter, rounder, more gourmet looking cookies.

Can the SILPAT® be stored bent or folded?

SILPAT® should be stored flat or rolled, never bent.

What is a SILPAT® made of?

SILPAT® is made of fiberglass mesh and the highest quality food grade silicone. The specially designed mesh works with the silicone to provide consistent heat distribution and promotes even baking and browning.





What is Silicone?

Silicone is a formulation of inorganic rubbers made by linking silica atoms. Silicone was developed for its superior reliability, long life and extreme temperature adaptability and stability.

Is it reusable?

Yes. Depending on the product, the number of times you use it can vary. When used and cared for properly, SILPAT® can have a life of up to two to three thousand times. Of course the life depends on maintenance and care.

How long does it take for the SILPAT® to cool?

Your pan or cookie sheet will remain hot or warm for quite a while. Once the SILPAT® is removed from the oven it starts to cool.

Can I use sharp objects with SILPAT®?

Never use knives or sharp tools to clean, remove or cut on the SILPAT®.

Can I cut the SILPAT®?

Do not cut the SILPAT® as the fiberglass mesh particles might migrate into the food.

Can I use SILPAT® on the stove top?

Never use SILPAT® on direct heat, stovetops or hot plates. Never use SILPAT® on the bottom of an oven, on a grill or with a broiler.

Can I use it in the microwave?

Yes. Just place the SILPAT® directly in the center of your microwave oven or on the turntable. We recommend using the Microwave Size SILPAT®, which is octagon shaped for optimum turntable usage.

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