Sasa Demarle Sil-Eco



  • Wash before first use.
  • Place the mat on a cookie sheet or pan.
  • Do not grease, butter, or spray with oil. Put the item or items which are to be baked or frozen on the mat.
  • The recipe baking temperature may need to be adjusted according to your oven as the mat will provide some insulation during baking.
  • Sil-Eco® mats can tolerate temperatures from –40°F to 480°F (–40°C to 280°C).




  • Wipe clean with a damp, soft sponge, then rinse with clean water. A mild soap or detergent may be used if needed.
  • Shake to remove excess water and wipe dry, or place in a warm (175 degree oven) for 2 minutes, or air dry.
  • Note: a slight oily residue after washing is normal. A slight discoloration of the mesh is normal after use. Hearty flavored foods may leave a trace scent on the mats. After drying, to store lay the mat flat. Or store between 2 cookie sheets, or rolled up in paper towel tube. 



The Do Not's

  • Do not use with a broiler, a grill, open flame, or place directly on the bottom of an oven.
  • Do not cut the mat or cut ON the mat.
  • Do not use with automatic dishwashers, the drying process could cause harm or misshape the mat.



  • Do not use scrapers or brushes on the mats.
  • Do not fold the mats.
  • Do not use a cut or worn or torn mat.