Bread Proofing & Baking

Sasa Demarle’s bread product line includes trays for the entire bread making process - from proofing through baking.  We offer both flexible and rigid molds in all different shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of different coatings. We also provide products which have been adapted to automatic lines for industrial customers. 

This section is still under development - complete product information will be added soon. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, please click on the link below to view the BREAD PROOFING & BAKING section of our new catalog in PDF format.

Catalog Download - Bread Proofing and Baking

Peelboards - 24” x 31.5”

Peelboards - 31.5” x 47.25”

Flexipan® Air - Oblong Shape

Flexipan® Air - Square Bread Shape

Flexipan® Air - Rectangular Shape

Flexipan® Air - Sub Sandwich Shape

Mats - Synthetic 23” x 64.5”

Mats - Synthetic 29.5” x 64.5”

Mats - Synthetic 31” x 56.75”

Mats - Synthetic 31.5” x 64.5”

Mats - Synthetic 27.5” x 64.5”

Mats - Standard 23” x 64.5”