Sasa Demarle Silpat Advantage


Sasa Demarle Inc. was founded in 1965 by M. Guy Demarle in Northern France. Mr. Demarle was an experienced baker who was seeking a better way to make baguette bread with forms using non-stick silicone coatings. He went on to invent the first non-stick baguette baking trays or filets, as they are known in France. A few years later, Mr. Demarle also went on to invent and create the original SILPAT®. Since then, we continue to strive for improvements in non-stick products for the baking, patisserie and food-service industries.

SILPAT® products are made in France and headquartered in Wavrin, France. Sasa Demarle Inc. operates through the Sasa Industrie Group. In 1993, Sasa Demarle Inc. established offices in the United States to better serve our North American clients.


Environmental Commitment

At Sasa Demarle Inc., our products, coatings, services and employees are committed to respecting the environment. We closely monitor the essential aspects of our industry and the control of our ecological impact. Sasa Demarle Inc. is classified as an authorized industrial facility in France. We are also ISO 9001 certified.

At every stage of manufacturing, we aim to advance our position as eco-friendly with:

  • Physiochemical water purification
  • Incinerator treatment of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Rainwater collection and usage
  • Waste sorting, collection and usage

Sasa Demarle Inc. invests in the social responsibility of being eco-friendly.